Spoiler alert for #Superstar

Better to express”You”, than to test the “other”

Humans are the superior creation of God. This specie enjoys the most vital qualities that God has specified for them. While anyone talks about the attributes of a human, there must come a point where the content creator discuss the link which a human shares with other humans.

God has created the system the way that nobody can survive all alone on earth. We live in a society that is being involved by all of its residents. Living that way, the most significant trait of a human is its relationship (that can be any type of realtion).

(Under discussed thing is purely my point of view… Anybody can have a different opinion as well. But one thing that should be common in all of us is to respect each other’s style of thinking).

I have observed so far that people mostly and proudly put the other person on a relationship testifying thing. I mean how can you judge the next one’s loyalty by randomly putting him/her in a situation and then expecting your choice of results. This is the pure ignorance manifestation. Like log mun utha k dosre insan ko museebat mn daal detay hain or phr apne taluq ki base pe emotional blackmail krtay hain or agla bechara agr kisi solid reason ki bina pe inki umeedon pe poora na utray tou taanay de de kr hi agle insan ka hashar kr detay hain or apna behtareen saathi (might be) apni bewaqoofi ki nazar kr detay hain.

Maturity asks you to never throw your loved one into this bilawaja ki chapkalish. If you cannot understand your closest one and still needs to check his sincerity for you, better leave the person as it is without wasting your and his time and emotions over this stupid thing. My mantra in life regarding the said issue is very little for the words but its the precious one “muhabbat ko kabhi bhi aazmana nhi chye, han par kbhi kabhaar j’ta zroora dna chye”.

That’s it.. Simple rules lead to simple life.

That’s all about my story today… See you soon In’sha Allah!


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